A Look at Comfort + 10 years

There’s this kind of solid familiarity that comes with being in a long marriage. It’s definitely different than the newness of of marriage, regardless of how long you two dated beforehand.

Your S/O becomes your blanket. The one you always reach for before bed, the one that drifts you into a deep, safe sleep. And a new marriage is kinda like the new toy, you can’t stop talking about it and showing it off. Like, did ya hear?! I’m marriedThis is my husbandLook!!!

meu malvado favorito film GIF

And then ten years and two kids happen. And your new toy turns into this lighthouse. A beacon. The light that guides you come after the sh*t day at the office, a crazy 6 year old, and a really rude McDonalds drive-way attendant (you asked for extra sauce and they only gave you 2 packs.)

Anyway. That’s what I’m excited for. I’m excited to hear Marie’s marriage stories because it comes with a sense of knowing and comfort that I don’t (and yes I love Shawn and feel completely and totally safe/secure with him, but I feel like everyone who has been in the Marriage Game for awhile knows what I’m talking about) know yet.

So getting this perspective is a blessing. It tames me when I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. It reminds me that we’re all probably going through the same stupid arguments. And it teaches me to always choose to love authentically; it’s the only thing that will get us through this madness of life.

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