If I Were A Plant…

Taking care of a plant can take a lot of work, but the hardest part is following the directions for what that plan actually needs to grow and flourish. And, much like people, not every plant requires the same amount of water, sun, or fertilizer.

I’m like a cattail. I need a lot of <s>water</s>attention.

I feel love in the form of physical touch and quality time. I like being held after a long day or cuddles right before bed. Getting my back scratched will more than guarantee my blossoms to bloom. And the funny thing is, the more my Love Plant is taken care of, the more I’ll want to make sure my husband’s grows, too.

I don’t need presents or surprise date-nights or to be welcomed home with you doing the laundry or finally cleaning your skid marks off the toilet. That’s not my thing– but maybe that’s yours!

Being aware of what fills your love “fern” can make a world of difference in your marriage because, sometimes, when you’re feeling particularly annoyed… it’s just because you’re running on E. So my suggestion is to make your own list of what it takes to keep you happy in your home/marriage/family and share it with your spouse. It can be very eye opening and make some of the biggest impacts in your relationship. Being able to come home and tell Shawn that I just need a hug instead of letting random things (that don’t matter) get under my skin and blowing up… can you just imagine how much happier and stronger our relationship will become?

Is that not something that we all want to accomplish? Being able to pinpoint what we need instead of sitting there in disappointment and frustration is refreshing.


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