Sometimes when I talk about couples being on the ‘same team’ I have no clue what I mean. A lot of the time, it just feels like we’re trying to just survive. But, then I realized it was about so much more than that. Have you seen The Incredibles?

We’re all super-heroes, with specific skills and powers. But we also come with weaknesses and our own forms of kryptonite.

A great marriage teammate owns their superhero-like qualities. You know what you bring to the table. You know that who you are and what you do is valuable to the people in your home.

A great marriage teammate knows their limits. You know you can’t run as fast as Dash or stretch as far as Elastigirl. You don’t let your limitations stop you, but you build a life that acknowledges them.

A great marriage team has a shared goal, even if at times it is just about surviving. And I’m just going to repeat this: It’s a shared goal. SHARED. Not just one person’s idea of what life is going to look like. SHARED. Like y’all talked about it, got honest about it, made pros and cons lists, and said, “Go team!” at the end before uniting your rings to bring your powers together to summon CAPTAIN PLANET!!!!!

Sorry. Got a little carried away there. But you get the point.

Own your strengths and weaknesses. 

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