Episode # 013 – Money Hacks: Tithing

Melissa and Shawn are going to start a #MoneyMonday for the next couple of weeks to share some money “hacks” that we use to cut back on bickering and make sure we continue to stay financially stable. This episode is our first tip– tithing! It’s not a sexy topic, and most people would agree that they’d like to avoid this tidbit of advice all together. However, we (personally) think that it’s important to give. And we also believe that it’s the first step in receiving even more. Some say it’s counterproductive and illogical. Maybe, but all we know is that it works. It has helped us in many ways, and I’m more than excited to see how we continue to grow ourselves and our finances through this “money hack.”
(disclaimer: even if you’re not religious, we talk about how tithing isn’t just a “church” thing.)

If you want to learn more about who Shawn is tithing to or who I’m tithing to, feel free to checkout the links above or just ask us!

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