Episode # 014 – Road Trip!

Road Trip! Are they the best? Or the worst? Marie and Melissa talk about travelling with their men, pee breaks (#wimps), and those nasty back seat drivers. We dig deeper into our best (or maybe worst) road trip experiences, things we can’t travel without, and some of our absolute must-sees when on the road. And for those of you who were curious about our favorite healthy snacks for the road, be sure to check ours out!

Our Traveling Tips:
So, surprisingly, Marie finally found the super-secret petting zoo on the way to Savannah, GA that she always talks about. It looks like it’s $1 for all the feed you’d need (ha) to have fun with all different animals. It has glowing reviews from moms with unhappy kids, so you guys know it’s the real deal.

As for Melissa’s travel suggestions, she suggests that anyone going as far up as the UP needs to stop at Mackinac Island. They have some of the MOST delicious fudge imaginable and there’s literally nothing more beautiful than a Michigan summer. It’s not as humid as the South AND it barely reaches above 80 degrees. So, seriously, check it out.

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