Episode #019 – Money Hack: Expense Tracking

Today’s #MoneyMonday will feature one of our most beneficial tips in making you self-aware of your spending habits, expenses, and the all-around makeup of where your money is going. Too many times I’ve sat there at the end of the month with Shawn thinking “where did it all go?!” And it’s terrifying to think about how so much money seemingly just vanished from our grasp.

Then, we started tracking. We wrote it all down, no matter what, and we made it available for both of us to see. We made the tracker something we couldn’t avoid– a habit each time we swiped our card or got out the cash. It made you come face-to-face with the hard truth of where money was escaping. (unused gym membership? reoccurring Kindle fee that you don’t use anymore? or a monthly subscription to a magazine that goes straight to your bathroom?)

We’ve all been there. We get it. That’s why we started tracking; I promise it’s not that hard. We’ve included our expense tracker for you all. All you have to do now is copy this tracker and fill in the slots when you spend. (To edit the categories of what you spend or what your income is, just change it in the “Summary” tab).

You’ll now come face-to-face with all your purchases and see where you can cut back, indulge a little more, and what is a total waste!

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