Suwanee, GA SculpTour and Sip and Swine

Today Shawn and I went to check-out the #sculptour in Suwanee Town Center Park. Luckily, it was one of the first weekends in awhile that A) we have both been in town B) it hasn’t been raining or C) we weren’t already busy running errands and playing catch-up with work. So we spent the entire day spending time together, making videos for the wholesaling business, and for this website!

The SculpTour suwanee georgia suwanee town center park

So the SculpTour was definitely my jam. I love art, no matter the medium, and I was really excited to see that my community was supporting local artists and letting them put their pieces on display. It seems like art is always getting taken out of schools or losing funding as some sort of secondary, unimportant class. I hate that that’s the mindset that many people have adopted, but I have hope that communities like Suwanee will keep it alive and well. We saw tons of beautiful, creative, and touching pieces. And we also got to experience them with tons of other families!

There were so many people out and about, snapping pictures, and playing soccer in the park today. This isn’t the kind of stuff that you see as often anymore, and I’m pumped that families are pouring back into a community that wants to help them grow and give them a safe place.

And after we had our fill of art, we headed over to the Sip and Swine BBQ Festival. We didn’t get there in time to actually purchase the Taster Kit, which let you taste test the BBQ from 10 of the competing booths, but we did get a change to walk around, watch people line-dance, and pet LOTS of cute doggos and puppers. That was probably the highlight of my day, to be honest.

The smells were mouthwatering enough, you literally couldn’t get away from them. And everywhere you looked, there was another tent offering BBQ, something that was deep-fried, or some home-brewed beer. It was heaven. Or gluttony. Whatever. We didn’t get a chance to take pictures because our hands were too full with goodies and puppies, so you can just imagine the perfection for yourself. Or check-out their websites, they had pictures (for all of those people who can’t imagine things in your mind’s-eye.)

Anyway! Today was SUPER fun. And I’m so glad that Shawn and I had a chance to experience our community even more. There’s nothing better than taking the opportunity to explore what your own neighborhood has to offer, especially when it’s 70 degrees and sunny!

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