How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Spouse

Awhile ago we made a podcast about hobbies our husbands had (because Marie and I discovered we had absolutely no hobbies.) But in that podcast, I shared stories about me trying to get in on all the fun Shawn was having without me when he was mountain biking. This resulted in lots of wrecking and a few bruises, but I had fun.

So this past weekend, I decided to try my hand at woodworking. Now, we aren’t doing anything major (and I highly doubt you can even call this woodworking) but he cut pieces of wood so we could create some home decor. And I didn’t just sit inside and wait for him to get done! I watched, I sanded the edges, and I helped him paint and stain it all. It really was a feat for me because I usually hate being a bystander in activities or having to do “piddly” jobs.


But doing this project with Shawn really did mean a lot to me. Since he has been traveling most weeks, we usually don’t have much time to do little projects like this for his limited time home. We talk about them all the time– we should make a bed frame! Or let’s go thrifting or antiquing. But most of those ideas fall dead soon after we make them because we literally don’t have time to do them when Shawn is only home for 48 hours (give or take).

But this past week, he was able to stay home! He didn’t have to leave at 5am on Monday, I got to wake up to my mans for an entire week straight. I was excited. And I was even more excited when he decided that we’d start on one of <s>our</s> my fun DIY project ideas that I found on Etsy.

So we did it. And I had so much fun.

Like I said, I didn’t do much– I mostly watched him and asked for minor changes so my wallart-of-my-dreams could become reality, but that’s not the point. We were doing a little activity that made us slow down, take time to be with one another, and work as a team.

Shawn was able to be in his “element” and I was able to help. It might sound cheesy, but I really felt like I bonded with him. Even little goals and projects like this make me remember that we’re on the same team. They remind me that everything in our lives, everything we want to accomplish or create will always be better as a team effort.

We compliment one another, we bring different strengths to each project. And whether we’re working on the real estate business or putting together an Ikea chair, we’re always better doing it together.

I definitely think it strengthens our marriage to work on little projects like these together. We’re actively setting goals as a couple, and making sure that we’re communicating what the final project looks like to us– because you have to make sure all parties are on board when doing anything as a team.

So we definitely encourage couples to take the time to come up with little feats you’d like to accomplish together. Sometimes it’s as simple as doing laundry together or as scary as learning a new skill or hobby that neither of you have any experience with. Either way, it solidifies that bond between the two of you and can teach you trust, communication, and how to have fun again!


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