Play Your Part

Mark and I recently decided to change churches. This was a hard decision because the church we left has been amazing in a million different ways ESPECIALLY with our children. Oh my goodness did those people love our babies. But we needed to trust God,  make some changes, walk in faith, etc.

So we start going to this new church, and since it was Mark that felt led to go to this new church I was under the impression he would be responsible for gathering the troops on Sunday morning. Well, the first Sunday we decide to go to church he says never mind. We’ll just stay home and watch it on tv.

I wasn’t particularly disappointed with this decision (mama loves any reason to not get kids dressed before 9 A.M.), but I was a little annoyed. We had a Sunday morning routine that included church and enough ‘off days’ and we’d be back where we started with the tantrums and resistance.

So here we were. Mark had made a decision about where we were going on Sundays and seemed to be backing out. I was annoyed that we might fall out of a routine we’d worked really hard to build. During our back and forth Mark commented that I wasn’t helping him with this change.

excuse me what GIF

Um. You said we weren’t going today. I was all ready to go, but if you leader of the free world our home weren’t going I was certainly wasn’t going to exert the energy required to wrangle these hellions.

We argued for a minute about whose fault it was that we weren’t in church when all of a sudden something clicked for me. Mark wasn’t saying missing church was my fault, he was saying he needed me to be the cheerleader during this transition to a new church.

I am naturally optimistic. I can’t even help it. And we were doing something different, strange, and new that even though Mark initiated this change didn’t mean he wasn’t scared or hesitant. And he needed me to bring my Care Bear power to the table. I had to bring my special skills out to play. He needed me.

Much like I need him when my kid acts crazy. I’m the nice mom that says yes 99% of the time because I know that I can call on Mark to bring the law. He is amazing at bringing order to our home. I depend on him for that. And right now, during this season of building a new Sunday morning routine, he needs to depend on me to bring a smile and some encouragement that his family is walking with him. I’m excited to play that role.

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