We’re Back!

Marie and I have been a little bit of a hiatus.

AKA, we totally fell out of our groove and neither of us really reinitiated the podcasts…

But things have changed!


Starting August 5th, we’ll be releasing our Season 2 of The Sisterwives Podcast.

Every Monday for 13 weeks, we’ll be releasing a new episode; then we’ll take a 4-week break (this way you have time to miss us and we’ll have time to come up with more stories).

I think that in Season 1 (yeah, we’re going to act like that break was intentional), we were a little too optimistic.

We were posting 3 podcasts a week.


No one freaking told us that that was insane

True friends would’ve sat us down and been like, “hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

But no, you guys let us carry on.

I know we make great podcasts, but at what cost.

Anyway, I digress.

This is our new schedule; my hope is that by posting this and making it public will keep us accountable.

But I mean, one podcast a week shouldn’t be an issue since we were doing three.

Seriously guys, stop us next time.


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