Season 2 Episode 4: Family Vacations

Who Doesn’t Love a Family Vacation?

Family vacations sometimes hold a really special place in people’s memories. For others, though, it can be the root of all evil stress.

In this episode, we dive into our favorite (and least favorite) memories of our family vacations, our expectations for this upcoming vacation, why family vacations make you more tired, and how to survive a family vacation in general.

Family Only?

For starters, how many times have you invited non-family members along for a family vacation?

And I’m not talking about two or three separate families all planning to go to the beach at the same time.

I talking about letting your kids bring along a friend or two for your family vay-cay.

This creates a lot of stress for both the parents and the (presumably) teens.

Marie dives into her traumatic experience of bringing her friends along to Disney for one of our family vacations. Only for our parents to get in a fight at Pizza Hut.

And at 16, that’s basically the epitome of humiliation.

So maybe mixing friends and family on vacation isn’t the best idea.

I mean, for the most part, everyone has this desire to want to look good in front of “outsiders.”

You don’t want people to know about your quirky family or the dumb fights that happen within those walls. Let’s be honest, family vacations can sometimes become nightmares.

So letting someone see the mess that is your family can be scary.

That’s why we come to the conclusion that the only people who get to boar the Hot Mess Express that are our family vacations are the men we’ve bamboozled into marrying us.

But then there’s still the issue of being stressed out on the family vacation.

How Do You Stop Stressing Yourself Out And Actually Just … Have A Vacation?

It’s funny how vacations almost feel like a burden by the end of the trip.

It seems like no matter how much planning or time you put into being prepared, you still come home feeling exhausted.

With or without kids (to much of Marie’s surprise.)

And I’ve read many a blog post where moms/wives encourage you to set a “goal” or “expectations” for your trips.

And perhaps that works for some.

But I think one of the best ways to make sure that you’re coming back home happy, rested, and thankful for the vacation is to drop all expectations and to just be.

Live in the moment of the vacation.

Go to the beach when you want to go to the beach.

Read a book when you want to read a book.

Go for a stroll around shops, eat ice cream, visit a museum.

The vacation is your oyster and you can do as much or as little as you want.

That’s the beauty of it all!

Like Melissa, so many moms/wives take on the responsibility of trying to make sure everyone is having fun.

They try to make sure everyone is getting catered to. They’re holding way too much of everyone else’s anxiety because they’re afraid that if they don’t do this, the vacation will be a bust.

But if they learn to just chill, like Marie, they’d probably walk away having one of the best vacations of their lives.

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