Episode #003 – Ex S/Os + Jealousy

We have all experienced jealousy at one point or another, regardless of being the “jealous type” or not. And if you swear you’ve never been jealous before, check out this article to see if you’re a smidge more jealous than you let yourself believe. 

Anyway. Whether it was because you thought your spouse still has feelings for their ex or because you think they’re checking out other people; we’ve all been there. It hurts and it sucks, and we all definitely dwell on it an unhealthy amount.

In our latest podcast (Episode #003 Ex S/Os + Jealousy) we get into advice for people who struggle with jealousy. Although we both hate the sage advice of “give it time,” we must recognize that it is true. However, we do have some action steps that are helpful for those of you that want take strides to nip jealousy in the butt faster.

Episode #002 – Gifts & Disappointment

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! We also hope you got exactly what you wanted from your person. In this episode we talked about engagements as Christmas gifts (yay or nay?), the worst gift we ever received from our men, and how to handle the potential disappointment on Christmas morning (or Mother’s Day… grr!) Enjoy!

Episode #001 – Meet the Sisters

In this episode we share a little about each of the sisters and the men who made us wives. Enjoy!